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Robbie & Scott's Wedding 

This wedding was incredible, the boys went into so much detail, and everything was perfect. They opted for a festival feel to the day and by Joe they pulled it off. The food of choice included The Land, The Sea, The Garden, BBQ, and a whole array of sweet goodies. They hired a tipi for the weekend as they had a large number of guests, it fitted on the front lawn so well and looked beautiful against the Loch. 


Menu-wise, the boys & Oystercatcher team came together to design a fantastic menu for the wedding, between us we created 'areas' within the pub for a stunning feast! Oh, my days it was something special! From whole Loch Fyne Salmon, dressed with cucumber scales, to mushroom wellingtons, Lephinchapel Lamb sliders, and a whole joint of honey-roasted ham!  


We also made the boys their wedding cake, making it beautiful and rustic, using twigs for banding, marzipan mushrooms, flowers, and butter icing.  


The Perfect Couple 

We here at The Oystercatcher are very lucky to have this pair as friends, they looked beautiful, and they worked tirelessly to make beautiful decorations, it just happens that they are gorgeous people who through it all continued to support and love each other passionately. I still remember not long after we took over the Oystercatcher, speaking with Robbie & Scott one evening when they were in for dinner & Robbie was asking if we did weddings :D at this point, they weren't even engaged! I know we are biased but this is a dream location to get married. 


It was an absolute pleasure to be part of their big day & we wish them all the love and happiness in the world. 

Lots of love

Team Oystercatcher x

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