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Oh la la!

French Night with Wine Pairing

Don't say we don't treat you well... We paired up with the lovely Eva from Corney and Barrow to bring to you a evening of beautiful fruit inspired food and gorgeous rich and full bodied wines.



We tried to work with amazing ingredients we have local to otter ferry and really tried to show them off. The wine sang all by itself, delicious crisp whites and rich fruity, full-bodied reds! it was a delight!


~Coquille St Jacques~


~Beef tomato tartare, crispy toast~


~Roast fillet of cod, parsley puree, bordelaise sauce~


~Gratin celeriac & Comte Pithivier, onion puree, roast onion Jus~


~Whipped blue cheese, red wine poached pear, honey & homemade fruit loaf~


~Sea Buckthorn Bavaois, mango & Meringue~



The vision for these evening isn't just to showcase what beautiful produce the area has to offer, or Chefs amazing skills at taking those ingredients and making some divine meals or showing off our wonderful suppliers (that's just a bonus) 

But its about bring the community together and getting people to interact with each other, even spend time with someone they never have met otherwise and to make the pub a hub for laughter, friendship and a warm welcome. 

The fact that we all sit an enjoy a meal and a good drink together just tops it off.

So if you fancy something a little different or what we like to think of as a big family style evening, please get in touch. Throughout the winter we hope to offer evenings like this at least once a month.


Corney & Barrow

We just want to take a moment to thank Eva and Corney and Barrow. We work closely with this company to put together a wine list that compliments the food we serve, for us we want wines that no only reflect us as owners but also go well with the dishes we produce. 

Eva is amazing and I darken her doorway many times a month, restocking or just asking advice for evenings we are doing or for menus we are putting together & Eva always pulls it out the bag! Her knowledge and just her manner is amazing and even if you know nothing about wine, after spending half an hour with this lady you will be gripped and sampling wines, that you may never have come across! 

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