New Years' Eve 2021, currently we are still able to continue with plans, but we will need everyone to be sensible and respect each other. We all have friends and family we want to keep safe.


The event is ticketed so unfortunately if you haven't been able to purchase a ticket we will not be able to accept you in the evening, this includes purchasing drinks. We have a maximum capacity to make sure everyone has a good time and is safe as possible - YOU WILL NEED TO BRING YOUR TICKETS WITH YOU. 

We have a fab band called The Dropouts playing on the 31st, they are a fun bunch of lads who know how to rock! The theme is all things Rock!! So dig out your studded face mask, leathers, and eyeliner.



Keeping Everyone Safe!

We require everyone to have their tickets & negative Lateral Flow Test with them as they will be checked at the door if you also have your covid passport brilliant, we recommend that everyone attending should at least be double vaccinated and booster is advisable, all the staff are double vaccinated and have boosters as well. The band attending are also all vaccinated and will have Lateral Flow Tests before performing.


 As per new guidelines, we will now have to make some changes to New Year's Eve 2021, the event will now have to take place outside due to the number of people coming, we are working on arranging some temporary structures to make sure there is sheltered seating and areas to eat, eating will now be more of a takeaway feature, we will still provide food to table as its now table service only but it will be in throw away crockery to limit the amount of contact, the same with the glassware, we will be supplying recyclable cups that are one use only we will then ask you toe throw them away in bins provided. The bar is also table service so you won't be able to come to the bar. 

The band will still be paying in the marquee and there will be seating in there as well, we will have to make sure the area is ventalated, we will provide heaters to make it more comfortable in the evening, there will also be a bonfire on the beach. 

Tables will be up to 3 households and we can comfortably seat 8 per table 

We are also trying to find out about an app to order drinks from as it's all table service now, please bear with us as this might cause slight delays with service. We are trying our best to make sure everyone can still have a good time!

Actions to keep people safe:

- Negative Lateral Flow test to be shown on arrival, if you haven't got one you will be refused entry even if you have a ticket 

- Table service only - no waiting or leaning at the bar 

- Band in Marquee with one side removed to keep it ventilated

- All attendees must now be seated - The event will take place outside so please bring warm clothes 

- Face masks to be worn when moving around 

- Dancing only at tables  

- Respect each others space 

- When in groups, masks should be worn 

- Max of 2 people in the toilet at one time 

We understand that everyone is completely frustrated with COVID but we still need to do our bit to make sure we don't add to the incredible stresses COVID brings to everyday life & the increased pressure on the health service.